History and Mission / Board and Advisory



Creative Coding Lab is an organisation for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative world. By providing support for research, production and education, CCL brings ideas to life.



As the arts organisation for tech in Singapore, Creative Coding Lab grounds her unique model of practice upon the following assertions:

  • Critical investigation of context
  • Opportunistic experimentation
  • Exponential growth in effect

The vision of technology includes processes, tools, strategies for navigating complex world. Residency program provides imaginative minds with space and time to develop ideas into projects. Creative Coding Lab expands into exciting programs with lasting impact.



Creative Coding Lab is conceived on the very basis of thinking creatively about how technology transform the world. As Singapore settles into identity of a Smart Nation, Creative Coding Lab is founded as a subsidiary group of Spring Technologies, an establishment with over a decade of industrial experience and know-how in Electronics Test & Measurement Instruments.

Creative Coding Lab breeds a cool mix of art and technology people both on board and advisory.



K. S. Chua / Chief Executive Officer
Chua (also known as King), has a Bachelor in Engineering (First Class Honors) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Strathclyde. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Bronze Medal) from Singapore Institute of Management. He has in depth knowledge of the Test & Measurement industry having immersed in the industry for the past 21 years with excellent customer network & relationships. He has also contributed his service to the education sector through member of Academic Advisory Council at ITE, member of review committee for Singapore Polytechnic Diploma course in Engineering Business, providing internship to students and feedback to Singapore Polytechnic on engineering courses.


H. K. Sim / Chief Technology Officer
Sim has a Master of Science (Industrial Engineering) degree and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical (Electronic ) degree from National University of Singapore. He has more than 30 years in software development, product R&D and factory test automation. He has great passion in technical (Software/Hardware) development and has led a team of engineers to develop automated Ethernet network test equipment using embedded Linux. He believes in sharing all his knowledge with others and he has provided many final year projects to NTU Engineering department, conducted embedded Linux for the public and institutions. He also provides software application consultancy to companies in Singapore. 


Diana Mafia / Chief Creative Officer
Mafia has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Nanyang Technological University specialising in Interactive media, art and game design. Trained in digital filmmaking, she makes film, designs sound and composes scores. She alchemised audio-visual installations, immersive environments, electronic music performances and flat panel video pieces. She has also performed and exhibited in various places such as the Esplanade and Art Science Museum. She is in her fourth year conducting research on Curio Cabinet of Self, collecting and dissecting artefacts collected from both the physical and the virtual. Her most recent artwork of a film projection was mapped onto a dome theatre to discuss quantum physics and spiritual aspects, focusing on the intersection between art and technology.



Randall Packer / Vg. Assoc. Prof.
School of Art, Design & Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Sven Norris / Asst. Prof.
School of Art, Design & Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Kenneth Feinstein / Assoc. Prof .

Centre of Research-Creation in Digital Media
Faculty of the Arts Sunway
University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Forest Tan Su Lim / Assoc. Prof. / Programme Director
Computing Science
Criminology and Security
Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore



Lim Kuo Siong / Chief Information Officer
Head of Information Technology and Virtual Banking
Maybank Singapore




Vladimir Todorović / Asst. Prof.
School of Art, Design & Media
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore