Creativity Fest Programme

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Last week, Creative Coding Lab worked with interesting characters across different disciplines from engineering, chemistry to MedTech tinkerers. We brought together a group of young adults to work with students as young as 10 years old, to work on prototyping solutions for communities.


Austin Toh, is currently enrolled in National University of Singapore, reading Chemistry. His lifelong interest in educating has come to play a great part in closing the circle for the completion of each projects.


Do not confuse that the mentor does all the work. Jerrell Ong, an ASEAN scholar is working with the students.


A student coding while the other focusing on snapping the hardware altogether.


Focusing on crafting the prototype.


Discussing on the relevance of project as a probable solution to identified problems.


Putting up a slideshow to explain their thought and build process.

This was a tight programme happening in a day. At the end of the programme, the interactive projects were completed and presented. Every obstacles big or small are presented as a challenge in management and coordination.

In the future where there is no technological boundaries across different ages, digital literacy is the commonplace.