Our Work

Our projects manifest in multiple forms, integrating the arts and technology. Check out one of our collaborations, Project Creative & Inventive Thinking, that we have conceptualised and executed.

Project Creative & Inventive Thinking 

As part of CCL’s initiative to incorporate the STEAM approach, CCL weaved Project Creative & Inventive Thinking. STEAM combines the Arts to the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) framework in order to facilitate an understanding of the interrelationship between STEM fields and Art. Integrating visual experience with scientific processes can:  provide students with the means to explore visual expression through technology, demonstrate the relationship between STEM concepts and the Arts and exemplify how the arts can enhance scientific understanding through processes such as visualization and creative problem solving.

To find out more about other initiatives, click here to explore and get some inspirations and we may brew something exciting together. Contact us at ask@creativecodinglab.sg and we promise not to use chatbot to speak you.